#BookReview It Was Always You by Scarlet Rose

  Title: It Was Always You Series: Standalone, Novella Author: Scarlet Rose Genres: Romance, Contemporary Publication Date: 9 June 2018   SYNOPSIS Taken from Goodreads How far would you go to help your hunky best friend? Gorgeous and wealthy playboy Leo Cormack has worked hard his whole life for his birthright - control of the... Continue Reading →

#BookReview Infantry by Haley Pierce

  Title: Infantry Series: Standalone, Novella Author: Haley Pierce Genres: Romance, Military, Secret Baby Publication Date: 20 June 2018 SYNOPSIS Taken from Goodreads Overseas for 8 months. My only question now is did he ever really love me, and can he love our baby? He had a pick up line in his pocket that couldn't fail... "I'm an elite... Continue Reading →

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