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#ARCReview Malicious by Alex Grayson and Melissa Toppen

Title: Malicious Series: Standalone Authors: Alex Grayson, Melissa Toppen Genres: New Adult Contemporary Romance Tropes: Enemies to Lovers Release Date: 14 July 2020 SYNOPSIS Oliver Conley….The most infuriating man I’ve ever met.He’s crass, selfish, malicious. The worst kind of person.From our very first encounter we were at odds. Standing on opposite ends of the battlefield preparing… Continue reading #ARCReview Malicious by Alex Grayson and Melissa Toppen

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#ARCReview Beautiful Criminal (Omerta Law #1) by M.N. Forgy

Title: Beautiful Criminal Series: Omerta Law #1 Author: M.N. Forgy Genres: Mafia Romance Tropes: Enemies to Lovers Release Date: 13 July 2020 SYNOPSIS As the son of the infamous boss of the DeAngelo family, I have merciless duties expected of me. The public labels me a monster, a man without a soul, and one hated… Continue reading #ARCReview Beautiful Criminal (Omerta Law #1) by M.N. Forgy

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#ARCReview The Devious King (The Hale Mafia #1) by B.L. Mute

Title: The Devious King Series: The Hale Mafia #1 Author: B.L. Mute Genres: Mafia Romance, Suspense Release Date: 26 June 2020 SYNOPSIS "My kingdom isn't one you find in fairy tales. Instead, it's built on corruption, lies, and murder." CharlieRaised by the chief of police, I knew tangling with the mafia leader of Northridge Heights… Continue reading #ARCReview The Devious King (The Hale Mafia #1) by B.L. Mute

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#ARCReview Drowning by Hope Jones

Title: Drowning Series: Standalone Author: Hope Jones Genres: Contemporary Romance Tropes: Second Chance Release Date: 2 July 2020 SYNOPSIS Imagine orchestrating your divorce under false pretenses. That's precisely what Cecilia Topps did. After receiving a disturbing diagnosis, Cecilia felt like she was drowning, unable to take a breath. She didn't want to bring her husband down… Continue reading #ARCReview Drowning by Hope Jones

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#ARCReview To Love A God by Evie Kent

Title: To Love A God Series: Lily of the Valley #1, Standalone Author: Evie Kent Genres: Dark Paranormal Romance Release Date: 4 June 2020 SYNOPSIS I spent my whole life training to become a ballet dancer—a soloist, a star. Today, I’m a toy, a plaything, a distraction… An offering. A sacrifice to a caged god,… Continue reading #ARCReview To Love A God by Evie Kent

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#ARCReview Fraud (Antihero Inferno #2) by Lily White

Title: Fraud Series: Antihero Inferno #2, Standalone Author: Lily White Genres: Romantic Suspense Tropes: Enemies to Lovers Release Date: 24 June 2020 SYNOPSIS Eighth Circle.Fraud.Also known as Gabriel Dane. He is a ray of sunshine that warms your heart with kind eyes and a dazzling smile. Don’t let him fool you with that silver tongue… Continue reading #ARCReview Fraud (Antihero Inferno #2) by Lily White

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#ARCReview Starlet by Cora Kenborn

Title: Starlet Series: Part of the "Sinister Fairytales Collection", Standalone Author: Cora Kenborn Genres: Anastasia Retelling, Dark Romance Release Date: 25 June 2020 SYNOPSIS They call me America's Sweetheart.Hollywood royalty. The last of an era.Sole survivor of LA's most infamous crime. I'm not any of those things.He forced me into the spotlight.The liar with a… Continue reading #ARCReview Starlet by Cora Kenborn

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#ARCReview Somethin’ About That Boy by Lani Lynn Vale

Title: Somethin' About That Boy Series: Standalone Author: Lani Lynn Vale Genres: NA High School Romance Release Date: 23 June 2020 SYNOPSIS Banner Spurlock knew the moment that he walked into Kilgore High School and saw Perry Street that life was about to get interesting. Forced to move due to a problem at home, a… Continue reading #ARCReview Somethin’ About That Boy by Lani Lynn Vale

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#ARCReview Darkest Sin by J. Saman

Title: Darkest Sin Series: Las Vegas Sin #3, Standalone Author: J. Saman Genres: Romantic Suspense Release Date: 22 June 2020 SYNOPSIS Everyone has an ex who haunts them.Mine shot me in the arm and told me to run or he’d kill everyone I ever loved. And then he’d kill me.Years later, he’s made good on… Continue reading #ARCReview Darkest Sin by J. Saman

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#ARCReview Tool (Ruthless Kings MC #3) by K.L. Savage

Title: Tool Series: Ruthless Kings MC #3, Standalone Author: K.L. Savage Genre: MC Romance Release Date: 19 June 2020 SYNOPSIS Being the VP of the Ruthless Kings has made me jaded and scarred, a savage bloodthirsty beast. Grit, pain, blood, the three constants in my life.Love?I wouldn't burden anyone with loving me. I'm a hard man… Continue reading #ARCReview Tool (Ruthless Kings MC #3) by K.L. Savage