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#ARCReview Heart Thief by Ker Dukey

Title: Heart Thief

Series: Part of the “Sinister Fairytales Collection”, Standalone

Author: Ker Dukey

Genres: Moana Retelling, Romantic Suspense

Release Date: 8 June 2020


Monsters come in many forms.
Some want shiny new toys to play with—others want blood.
Mona Walters dreams of adventure, of a world beyond the shoreline she’s confined to. She yearns for vibrancy in her dull, mundane existence, but succumbs to the bleakness.
Until the necklace her sister wore the night she was brutally murdered shows up on her door wrapped in a neat bow, fueling her to run away and seek out the person responsible for stealing her sister’s life.
Mona wished for more—for color in her gray world.
What she didn’t realize was just how much more she would get.
And that the world outside her own was soaked in red—blood red.
The world she dreamed of is made of nightmares.
A rich, influential world of two brothers—and once they have her in their sights, they plan to keep her there.
Her father kept her secluded for a reason.
Be careful what you wish for.
There’s a thief out there, and he’s coming for Mona’s heart.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.
ARC Source: Author via Enticing Journey Book Promotions

Another winner in this collection!! I’m so thankful for all the authors that decided to make this collection, they keep giving us amazing books! “Heart Thief” is a loose retelling of “Moana”. To be honest, I’ve only seen the Disney movie, so I don’t know the original Polynesian myth.

Hearts are fragile things. Like glass, once broken, they are forever changed. Your heart isn’t scarred, baby, it’s full of the memories.

All Mona has known is the island she grew up on. Her father is the leader of a cult-like community. The people that live on the island are living by his rules, that are more cruel and strict than forgiving. They are totally cut off from other people and everyone that leaves are considered tainted and has to go through a cleansing in order to come back. Mona never believed in her father’s teaching and everything she even wanted was to leave the island. Five years after her sister’s death she decides to actually try and escape.

You stole my heart like a thief in the night, and you’ve been stealing it every day since.

The Ward twins, Colt and Cash never liked the Cult Island. After their mother left them to live at the island, their life changed. When Colt finds Mona on his beach, he intuitively knows that she’s from there. However, he can’t help feeling attracted to her and want her to stay; Cash might just feel the same. Things are getting more complicated with strange things are beginning to happen…!

When I finished the book, my first thought was I want more. The story was so good that I just wanted more. It was interesting and a nice change from my usual reading. The chemistry between Mona and the twins was apparent and I was hoping for more steamy times… I’m looking forward to the next book in the collection. If you haven’t started yet, then you should definitely do!!!




Ker Dukey is an International bestselling author based in the United Kingdom.

Genres include:

Dark Romance, Psychological Thriller, New Adult Romance, Romantic Suspense, and Erotic Romance. Ker, is an international bestselling author, with over thirty titles published. Her titles have held multiple #1 bestseller banners and have had rights sold to numerous countries.

In addition to being an author, Ker is an annoying wife and a mother of three children + one dog (who thinks he’s human.) She has a passion for reading and binge-watching crime documentaries.

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