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#BlogTour #Excerpt Rock Hardest by M.J. Roberts

Title: Rock Hardest

Series: Chord Brothers #3, Standalone

Author: M.J. Roberts

Genres: Contemporary Rockstar Romance

Release Date: 22 February 2019


Cole’s world shattered seventeen years ago. Now he’s got one chance to get his life back on track.  Cole starts his own band, hoping that going back to music will ease his tortured soul. There’s only one problem— he can’t find a drummer.

T. J. Casarez is stuck working in her family’s restaurant until her cousin calls her to audition. Cole’s not expecting a female drummer. Yet from the first beat they sizzle. But there’s no way she’s getting involved with a privileged, pretty boy.

She’s been burned before, and dating a band member is a recipe for disaster.

Only… it’s not just their onstage chemistry that’s on fire.

She has no idea what happened to make him into the man who tempts her to break all her rules. Then outside forces threaten to tear T. J. and Cole apart.

How are they going to rock the hardest and keep their hearts intact?

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I top the night off with dinner at a restaurant on a rooftop with a view of Los Angeles. When we get back to my place I’m torn between desperate need for T. J. and a perverse, angry determination not to have sex with her. I’m pissed she’s keeping me at arms length. I’m mad at myself that I was so attracted to her from the moment she walked in my place. I’m angry she’s so beautiful, talented, funny. How could I not fall for her.

I don’t like that she has the upper hand. I especially don’t like that she’s not as smitten with me as I am with her.

You know what? Fuck her.

Except she peels off her top to reveal a red bra with a deep plunge between the breasts and a tiny bow.

Dear God.

She shimmies out of her skirt, her red skimpy panties barely held together with side ties that will come apart with one sharp tug.

I cross the distance between us in three stalking strides and yank her to me. “You’re an evil woman.”

Her laugh is delicious and penetrates me like a knife peeling me open.

“I can resist you if I want.”

She reaches behind her and unclasps her bra, but it doesn’t fall because it’s trapped between us. My breath catches. She laughs harder. I kiss her upper chest. Her laughter dies and I feel agony and satisfaction.

Her skin is cream and flowers, warmth, softness and stars, energy and need.

“Baby, why? Why do you do this to me?”

“What do you want me to do?”

I sigh and step away.

“How about a beer?” she asks. Then she walks to the refrigerator, looks in, and bends over in a very exaggerated way, showing off her ass through the semi-see-through back panel of the panties.

I put my hand over my chest so my racing heart doesn’t kill me. My feet walk without my permission until I’m right behind her and I’ve lined up my groin to her fabulous backside.

“You just love it,” I growl. “That you so… fucking…” I can’t even finish without taking a deep breath, “have so much power over me.”

“Maybe…” she says in a sing-song teasing voice.

I step back. “Get the damn beer.”

I walk away and sit on the couch. She turns toward me and her bra falls all the way off.

“Damn,” I groan.  I pat my thigh. “Come here, baby.”

She slinks toward me, holding two beers, and goes to straddle me.

“No,” I say firmly. I pull her down on my lap so she’s sitting sidesaddle. I scoot her until she’s up against my body. I take the beers from her and put them on the table.


T. J. leans against me. “You feel good.”

I graze my knuckles over the high swells of her perfect breasts. T. J. picks up a beer and hands it to me. She goes to pick up the other one and I stop her.

“We’ll share one.” I hand her a bottle and she takes a sip. There’s intimacy, knowing her mouth is on the place my lips have just been.

“Want to watch a movie?” I ask.

She laughs. “I’m sitting on your lap, almost naked, and you want to watch a movie?”


She wiggles seductively and I still her hips.

“We’re more than this,” I say. “We’re more than sex.”

“Yeah. We’re sex and band mates.”

Inwardly I sigh. “And friends.”

“Okay,” she says. “Movie it is. But wild monkey-gorilla sex afterwards. We only have a few nights left.”

I smile. “If you insist. But just know, I feel soooo used.”

She rolls her eyes. “Poor Mr. Pretty Pants. It’s hard being you.”

“It will be.”




Fan favorite M. J. Roberts is known for lovable characters, witty dialogue, exciting plot twists, fast-paced action that keeps you on the edge of your seat, and romance scenes that sizzle.

With more than two million copies of stories in circulation worldwide, Roberts is well loved for creating characters who feel as real as your most cherished friends. 

M.J. Roberts is the author of seventeen novels, including the popular Rock Hard: Chord Brothers series, and over twenty short stories; she’s won six literary awards including the Literotica Summer Lovin’ Contest 2015 for Risk Your Heart and the April 2019 gold medal from Literary Titans for Rock Hard: Chord Brothers, Book 1.

Roberts is also an editor, songwriter, audiobook narrator, and professor of creative writing. A modestly humble egomaniac with a penchant for superheroes, she’s married to an awesome professional musician (a.k.a. The Rock and Roll God).  Her ‘I’m with the band’ status and access to a bunch of real-life alpha bad boys means she’s always saying ‘Anything you say can and will appear in print. Names will be changed to protect the guilty.’

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