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#ARCReview The Beast of Boston by J.L. Mac


Title: The Beast of Boston

Series: Standalone

Author: J.L. Mac

Genres: Mob/Mafia Romance, Beauty and the Beast Retelling

Release Date: 19 May 2020



“This is Beast. Beast is the size of a Volkswagen and has an impossible amount of buds and blooms. Beast also has thorns. But if you can sneak close enough to catch a whiff, and avoid the gnarly thorns, you’ll be ruined for all the other roses for the rest of your life. The sweetest, most addictive scent amongst the thorns.”

That’s what mom told my little sister and I once. She led us close enough to look but no further as she spoke of her favorite rosebush that she had affectionately named Beast.

That was a long time ago.

These days I know another Beast. A different kind of wild, untamed thing. He too is dangerous to get too close to. It’s unfortunate that I can’t afford to care, not when he’s the key to finding my sister.

They called him The Beast of Boston when he was a professional boxer. Now he rules over a bunch of criminals—the same criminals I hope will lead to my sister. I won’t stop until she’s found. I’ll get as close to Beast as it takes, gnarly thorns and all.

The problem is I’m so busy worrying for my own physical safety that I never considered how my heart would behave. Mom was right about one thing: I am ruined for all the roses for the rest of my life and it’s much too late to change it now.


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5 Stars

ARC Source: Author via Enticing Journey Book Promotions

This might just be my favorite Beauty & the Beast retelling so far!! JL Mac is a new to me author and after this book she definitely won me over! I love a good mafia romance and couple it with my favorite fairytale retelling and we have a winner!!!

Ena Devlin had a rough childhood. Growing up in foster care, with people that mistreated her rather than care for her, she never new family love. Her life got better when she was 10 and a cop rescued her. Since that day she found a place to call home and a family that love her. Now Ena is 22 years old, her father died at the line of duty and her since is missing. Her only chance to find her is to infiltrate the High Knoll and get answers.

Carrick ‘The Beast of Boston’ Ferguson is a legend; a Southie boxer turned underboss for the Irish mob. When a woman comes to his club asking for a job, he realizes that she’s a liar. Instead of turning her away, he hires her in order to find her secrets. He never thought that she’ll change his life forever!

“I landed myself in the Beast’s castle but instead of me changing him, he changed me. Completely. Irrevocably. Eternally.”

Their relationship is explosive, even before he knew who she really was! Carrick is ruthless and cold but at times we saw his softer side with Ena. She compliments him perfectly; she’s strong, feisty and ready to do anything for her loved ones. Their story is a whirlwind ride. They will go through so much because they can get their HEA! I’m really curious about some of the other characters and I’m hoping that we’ll get their stories at some point!!!






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