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#ARCReview Coffee Girl by Sophie Sinclair


Title: Coffee Girl

Series: Coffee Book #1, Standalone

Author: Sophie Sinclair

Genres: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: 12 November 2019


Mackenzie “Kiki” Forbes finds herself in a pickle.

Either become her snarky sister’s nanny, or move halfway across the country to work as assistant-to-the-stylist of a country music star. Neither job sounds ideal, although bedazzling cowboy boots may be a hell of a lot more interesting than ironing her brother-in-law’s underwear. But life on the road as the errand coffee girl for a sold-out tour leaves much to be desired. That is, until Kiki meets her sinfully sexy new boss’s boss…

Tatum Reed’s career is flying high. He’s up for country music’s Entertainer of the Year and he’s headed out on a nationwide sold-out tour. So why does he feel like it’s all about to implode? His superstar ex-girlfriend seems determined to make his life difficult, his opening act is a handful, and the new girl on his tour, the feisty brunette, is quickly getting under his skin. In this crazy world of showbusiness Tatum needs to learn who he can trust, but that doesn’t come easily, because the one person who holds all the cards may just throw them down and walk away.

Life in the public eye is never all it’s cracked up to be, which has both Kiki and Tatum questioning what they’re really doing with their careers, and their hearts.


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4 Stars

ARC Source: Publisher via NetGalley

*ARC kindly provided via NetGalley. This is my honest opinion.*

I’m a coffee girl myself so I couldn’t pass this title without finding out more. Double this with a sexy country singer and you have an amazing story! This was my first book from the author and I’m looking forward to more of her stories!

Kiki works as a stylist at a men’s magazine. Because of budget cuts, she finds herself fired and in need of a job. Her two options: become a nanny for her obnoxious sister or work as an assistant for a country singer’s stylist. Since her sister is a pain, she decides to work for the country star. Tatum Is the mentioned country star. He recently got out of a toxic relationship and he’s getting ready for a tour, so distractions are the last thing he needs. However, from the first time he sees Kiki, he feels the urge to get to know her.

Their friendship and after relationship are not easy. He’s a public figure and she’s an ordinary girl. The situation with his ex just makes things even more difficult. There are happy times, sexy times but also hurt. These two will have to go through much before finally getting their HEA.

What I didn’t anticipated and was a nice surprise was the update at the end. The author gave us a glimpse of how everyone ended up after the last chapter. I’m happy to see that Sarah is getting her story. I’ll be looking for “The Makeup Artist”!!!






When I was fourteen I won a writing competition at school for a short story based off of the book The Secret Garden. My prize was a beloved copy of Anne of Green Gables and to have my story published in the school newsletter. I won that writing award again my junior year for a poem that I still remember vividly. But I was also artistic and I was pushed by others to follow that passion and my writing became dormant. I’ve always loved reading and soon stories started to bloom in my head whispering to be told, until one day I picked up my laptop and started the journey. What started as a hobby quickly turned into a love story. My wish is that my story makes you smile, maybe even laugh, and hopefully  swoon.
I live in Davidson NC with my husband and two daughters, 3 dogs, a cat named Pickles and a guinea pig named Fluff.

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