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#ARCReview Road To Fire (Broken Crown Trilogy #1) by Maria Luis


Title: Road To Fire

Series: Broken Crown Trilogy #1

Author: Maria Luis

Genres: Dark Royal Romance, Romantic Suspense

Release Date: 30 April 2020



From the author of the Blood Duet, comes a gripping, dark royal romance series.

“I’m not scared of you.”
I meet her gaze. “You should be.”

Bound by a secret oath spanning generations, I am loyal to no one but the queen.

Defender of the Crown.

To all of England, I’m Saxon Priest. Traitor. Murderer. Owner of London’s most infamous anti-loyalist pub.

And then she appears.

Isla Quinn may claim that she’s only looking to bus tables, but I’m no fool. Bitterness bleeds from her hard-blue eyes, and her hatred for the queen is so palpable, I can practically taste it off every sharp-tongued word slipping from her full mouth.

“Hire me,” she begs.

We’re on opposite sides of this war. Enemies from the start.

Isla thought she found an ally, but she’s found me instead.

A man with no heart, no matter how the dead space inside my chest lurches whenever she’s near.

And so I lean over, dragging her deep into this twisted game of crowns and thrones, and offer a single vow: “I could use you.”


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5 Stars

ARC Source: Author via Wildfire Marketing Solutions

First of all, WOW!! This book was amazing! My first book from Maria Luis was definitely a winner. I went into the book without really knowing what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised.

Saxon Priest is the owner of London’s famous anti-loyalist pub. What he is really is a spy for the Crown. The pub is a front to weed out the traitors and those who want to hurt the Royals. The King was murdered a couple of months ago, so his family’s organization “Holyrood”, is trying to find the killer. Isla Quinn lost everything because of the Crown. Her parents were killed, while visiting her, at a riot. Now she’s full of bitterness but has to continue living for her younger siblings. Wanting to help the anti-loyalists she asks for a job at Saxon’s pub. She doesn’t know that she’s really helping the enemy, and from now on her life will change.

The first thing that sucked me into the story was the realness of the places. I’ve visited London a few times, so I could picture the places that were mentioned. London is a literal warzone. The fight between the people and the Crown is responsible for people dying. The book is definitely a wild ride. The suspense is palpable and kept me at the edge of my seat. I was worried that the story would drag because of the number of pages, however, the author wrote such a compelling story that I couldn’t stop reading!!

“I breathe, you inhale and we both go up in flames.”

Saxon is a tormented character. He’s weighted down by his duty to the Crown. His scars make him look scary and so he remains closed off. Isla is the first one to pierce through his armor. She sees the real him, beneath the scars and the scary attitude. They both have secrets, they are both broken. The attraction between them is explosive. With how their souls speak to each other, their chemistry is undeniable.

“I would take everything that you are and make it mine. Your beauty, your humanity, your fire. I’d fill every broken and misshapen part of me with you until there’s nothing left.”

Their story might have an HFN ending, but the royal battle continues in the second book with Damien Priest’s story! Don’t miss it!!!






Maria Luis is an Amazon Top 100 Bestselling Author.

Historian by day and romance novelist by night, Maria lives in New Orleans, and loves bringing the city’s cultural flair into her books. When Maria isn’t frantically typing with hot chocolate in hand, she can be found binging on reality TV, going on adventures with her other half and two pups, or plotting her next flirty romance.

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