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#ARCReview See No Evil (The Society #1) by Ivy Fox

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Title: See No Evil

Series: The Society #1

Author: Ivy Fox

Genres: New Adult College Romance

Tropes: Enemies to Lovers

Release Date: 30 April 2020



They thought they could get away with it, but they are sorely mistaken.
They have been judged. They have been sentenced. All that remains is their execution.
No one goes unpunished. We’ll make sure of it.
We are The Society and all who dare cross us will find their miserable end by our hand.
Don’t be fooled. This is not their story.
It’s ours.
As long as I can remember, I’ve played by the rules.
On and off the football field, I’ve done everything that has been expected of me.
Until that fatal night.
Now my life and the lives of my best friends hang in the balance, hung there by a sadistic sinister shadow forcing us to do their will.
And it’s just my damn luck that I’m the first to be put on their butcher’s block.
I must prove my worth by eradicating a certain pebble in their shoe.
The order is simple.
To save ourselves, I must ruin another—a life for a life.
Meaning Stone Bennett’s life is about to be forfeited in exchange for my own.
The poor girl never stood a chance.
He’s all American perfection.
I’m the poster child for this country’s rejects.
He’s old Asheville money and privilege.
I’m the Southie eyesore people stay clear from.
He’s caviar dreams and champagne wishes.
I’m the trailer trash his momma probably warned him about.
I doubt it can get any further away from the elitist’s social spectrum than the two of us.
So why the hell is Finn Walker, Richfield’s football god, suddenly all in my face wanting my attention?
Nothing good can come from this.
I can feel it.

*The Society is an Enemies to Lovers, New Adult College Romance.
*Each book can be read as standalones. However all four books in this series have an entwined subplot, that will only be resolved in the final book.
*Recommended 18+ due to mature language and situations.


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4 Stars

ARC Source: Author via Enticing Journey Book Promotions

“See No Evil” is definitely a strong start, to what it’s expected to be a nail-biting series. Beware the story will suck you in from the start and drag you all the way to the end. The story starts with a mysterious vibe and keeps it strong throughout the chapters. You may thing that you’ll get answers eventually, but the book will leave you with more questions to answer.

Lincoln, Colt, Easton and Finn have a secret. They have a part in what really gone down the night of Lincoln’s parents’ murder, and it looks like someone else knows as well. The Society is a secret group and it’s coming after them. In order to keep their secret, they have to do what they tell them. The first target is Finn, and his assignment is to befriend a girl from the university, Stone. What he might find relatively easy is nothing but since Stone has no patient for the wealthy asshole and especially the famous quarterback. I won’t spoil more of the story. The way things happened is best experienced firsthand!

“Everyone has their demons to face, Stone. The place where you’re born doesn’t factor much into it.”

I must say that I loved Stone. She’s a badass, working really hard to achieve her dreams. She knows who she is and doesn’t care what others think about her. She takes no bullshit and definitely doesn’t bow to Finn’s charms. How she made everything hard for him, it was so entertaining to see the cocky quarterback finally struggling because of a woman!

Finn might be rich but having money doesn’t mean that his life is perfect. He’s living a dream that’s not his own. His father dictates most of it and that just leaves him miserable. He has to keep his true self hidden, sometimes even in front of his best friends. Stone is the first one to see the real Finn.

The suspense will kill you for sure. I kept reading hoping to find out more about the secret Society and who’s blackmailing them. What really happened it was that I kept speculating who knows and who doesn’t; I still don’t know though! What I do know is that I’ll be waiting for “Hear No Evil”; Easton’s time is coming. I have no doubt that I’ll be once again on the edge of my seat!!!






Lover of books, coffee, and chocolate! Ivy lives a blessed life, surrounded by the two most important men in her life, her husband and son and also the fictional characters in her head that can’t seem to shut up. Books and romance are her passion. A strong believer in happy endings and that love will always conquer in the end. Both in life and in fiction.

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