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#BookReview A Baby for the Bratva by Chloe Kent


Title: A Baby for the Bratva

Series: Standalone

Author: Chloe Kent

Genre: Reverse Harem

Release Date: 2 October 2019 by Blushing Books



They wanted a girl quickly so they chose an orphanage where no one would ask questions.

They planned to use her until she was pregnant…

Instead they got twenty-one-year-old American Starla Anderson.

When the Russian Mafia invades the orphanage where she lives, in the middle of the night, throwing the nuns who raised her, into a petrified frenzy, it’s Starla who is chosen as the only one who could possibly survive the Bratva and their demands.

But in spite of her own fear of the three massive, glowering and scary men, Starla has to think and act fast…

With her heart thundering in her chest, her body on fire at their presence alone, she sees an opportunity, something that might help the other girls at the impoverished orphanage at a chance of a better life. She lays out her only condition.

Her body for a fee…


No one says no to the Bratva.


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3.5 Stars

ARC Source: Author via Give Me Books Promotions

This is my second book from the author, and I couldn’t pass the opportunity to read it since I always enjoy a good RH book. Considering this has some mafia elements as well, I was curious to give it a try!

Carla and her men-Dimitry, Mikhail and Nikolay-have a pretty unconventional story. They took her from the orphanage she’s been living since losing her mother 5 years ago, and wants her to have their baby. These are three big Bratva guys we are talking about and they are anything but soft, especially Dimitry. He comes out as the harshest of the three and keeps acting like a brute. Mikhail the most soft-spoken and he’s kind to her from the start, but also knows when to be firmer with her. Nikolay is closed-off and we don’t really get to know him well until the second half of the book.

The plot is very good, and I enjoyed it! What I’d like is less sex and more of that mafia deliciousness; we only got to see a glimpse… With all that being said, the book is an ideal fast-paced read, especially if you are looking for sexy times with three very hot mafia guys!!!



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Chloe Kent has been hooked on romance since her teens and couldn’t wait to grow up and write her own romance novels. Her books usually feature a spirited heroine, and at least two… sometimes more incredibly hot heroes.

Her favorites pastimes include her husband, her dog, and books. Her biggest fear is running out of coffee or her imagination

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