BookeymanAThon 2019 starts today!!!

Hello book lovers!

October is finally here (my birth month yay!) and I thought to make it even more interesting by participating in the BookeymanAThon hosted by Alana @ The Bookish Chick and Steph @ Books in the Skye!

I haven’t done a month long readathon with teams and prompts before so I’m so excited!! I’ll be participating with Team Pack because I LOVE werewolves 🐺🐺

Below you can find my TBR for my team’s prompts!!


Group Book

Misery by Stephen King

Alternative: Any Stephen King Book

sleeping beauties


Team Pack Book



Prompt 1

Become the Alpha of your pack

Read a book first in a series


release me


Prompt 2

Full moon is out and you feel the shift

Read a book featuring a shifter

claimed by her cougar


Prompt 3

Your friends need to learn to control their strength

Buddy Read (with Jamsu)

when an alpha purrs


These are Team Pack’s prompts! After I finish with these I’ll give a try to the other teams’ prompts as well. Another TBR list will be post when the time comes!!



Are you participating in any readathons this month? If yes which ones?

Are you a fellow BookeymanAThon participant? Leave me your TBR lists in the comments!!!


Until next time..Demetra xx

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