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#BookReview A Hurt So Sweet Volume One by Betti Rosewood



Title: A Hurt So Sweet Volume One

Series: Elite of Eden Falls Prep #1

Author: Betti Rosewood

Genres: Dark, High School, Bully Romance

Release Date: 15 September 2019



If you can’t beat the rich boys…
F*ck them.

Lily Anna Oakes and I share everything.

We have the same billion-dollar name, the same designer clothes, and the same messed up problems.

But Lily Anna and I will never meet. She died years ago.

This town broke her. I’ll burn it to the ground before I let that happen to me.

In Eden Falls, I’m forced to attend a school for the elite. The Firstborns own this place and they think they own me, too. It’s not long before Dexter, Caspian, Lai, and Julian become the bane of my existence.

There are only two people I’m afraid of – my strict father, and my malevolent fiancé. Unfortunately for me, my husband-to-be is one of the Firstborns ruining my life.

Dexter Booth and I will marry on my birthday to secure our families’ bond.

Every woman in this damn town wants to be Dexter’s toy. Except me.

Dex and his Eden Falls Prep cronies have forced me to give up my body. I know my betrothed wants my mind next.

I play along… But soon, I’ll leave the beautiful jerk behind without the thing he wants most from me.

His heir.


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5 Stars

ARC Source: Author via Booksprout

To be honest, I finished this book and couldn’t decide on a rating. I haven’t read such messed up characters since finishing Amo Jones’s “The Elite Kings” series. With that been said, I’m a sucker for this kind of characters!

I haven’t read any other books from the author, although her “Lords of Wildwood” books are on my TBR.

Our heroine, Pandora, is in for a really rough time. Her father is strict and her soon-to-be husband Dexter, is the most ruthless of them all. He’s cruel and unkind to her from their first encounter. Dexter’s only goal is to torture her and break all her defiance. His own demons are driving him and I’m really curious to learn more about his reasons!

The town of Eden Falls is full of rich, entitled people, whose only goal is to get to the top. If you crave a book with characters that test your limits and leave you wanting more, then “A hurt so sweet” is definitely for you! Get ready for a wild ride!!!






Betti Rosewood is a romance junkie and cat enthusiast in her late twenties. She lives in a picturesque European country with her partner, 2 rowdy cats and a friendly Lab Retriever. When not writing damaged alphas, she can most likely be found binging TV shows and movies, and always jotting down new book ideas.

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Are you a fan of dark romances? Which bully romances are your favorites?

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