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#BookReview Listen Pitch (There’s No Crying in Baseball #3) by Lani Lynn Vale (@LaniLynnVale)


Listen Pitch


Title: Listen Pitch

Series: There’s No Crying in Baseball #3

Author: Lani Lynn Vale

Genre: Sports Romance (Baseball)

Release Date: 16 October 2018



Rhys Rivera is the star short-stop for the Longview Lumberjacks. Many know him, even more love him. He has a pretty face, a quick smile, and an air of danger about him that everyone seems to adore.
He’s not known as the bad boy of baseball for nothing.
It all started with his father, who decided to be a criminal mob boss, then die.
Fortunately for his uncle, Rhys wants absolutely nothing to do with the family business and runs before anyone can figure out which way is up.

By the time his uncle, the successor to his father’s criminal empire, thinks to look for him, Rhys has made too big of a name for himself to be taken out quietly, and he wants to keep it that way.
Fast forward eight years, and Rhys is living life one breath at a time, just waiting for the other shoe to drop. That shoe coming in the form of a nosy neighbor who has no idea just how hot she is in her mail carrier uniform.

Her sweet little body and positive outlook on life make him want to laugh at how naïve she is when it comes to the way of the world.

The harder he tries to stay away, the weaker he seems to get, until one day he decides to put his morals on hold long enough to satisfy his cravings.

One time is all he needs—or so he tells himself.
But then two pink lines change everything, and all of a sudden, he doesn’t have just himself to worry about anymore.


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3.5 Stars

ARC Source: Author via InkSlinger PR

I haven’t read many books where one of the lead characters have a disability. In this one, Henley, our female lead, has hearing problems. I really liked how the author portrait her. She’s no damsel in distress and her disability doesn’t define her! She’s strong and brave and actually embrace her disability as a unique part of her!

Rhys, our male lead, was dealt a shitty hand in the family department. His mother is a porn star, only concerned for herself and his uncle is out to control him. The blurb hints a mafia connection in Rhys’s family but I didn’t quite see it in the book; I wanted more of it.

The plot pace at the first half was okay but in the second half it felt rushed. The most of the events happening were just mentioned; I wanted to found out more!


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Lani Lynn Vale is a USA Today Bestselling Author of over thirty titles. She is married with three children, two dogs, two cats, a donkey, and a couple (a couple also meaning over twenty) chickens.

When she’s not writing, you can find her curled up in her favorite chair reading.

Lani is married with three children and lives in the Great State of Texas.


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