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#ReleaseBlitz #BookReview Blood and Secrets 4 (The Calvetti Crime Family #4) by Rose Harper (@AutRoseHarper)



Title: Blood and Secrets 4

Series: The Calvetti Crime Family #4

Author: Rose Harper

Genres: Dark Romance, Romantic Suspense, Mafia Romance

Release Date: 11 September 2018





They wanted a leader?
Well now they have a Queen.
They will either bow before me, or I will kill them all.

There are three things you never do to someone as merciless as me.

1. Screw them over.
2. Lie.
3. Take what’s theirs.

She will get what’s coming to her,
And I’m going to relish the blood I spill.
Two down;
Two more to go.
And she went straight to the top of my list.

Everyone thought I was bad before?
They have no idea the six levels of Hell I’m about to unleash.
The pain.

Oh, but they will.
They will know all too soon.

Do you think I will succeed in my mission?
Travel within enemy territory and take back what’s mine?
Well, of course I will.
I refuse to lose at anything.

Because there’s one thing you never do to a bloodthirsty, sadistic Queen,
And that’s wronging her by taking her King.


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5 Stars

ARC Source: Author via Give Me Books Promotions

I believe that this is my favorite part of the series so far! I don’t know if the final book will change my mind, I way for it expectantly!

In this book we finally see how twisted Carina is. We got teased about her craziness and her bloodthirst in the previous books but didn’t really see her in action. Let me tell you that apparently so far she’s been holding back but since Mateo is taken she’s raining hell on everyone!! She’s going batshit crazy and kills everyone in her path; better watch out 😛

New players are introduced and some of the existing characters agendas. I’m curious to see how Rose Harper will wrap up this series. I hope the final book will be more than fifteen chapters because I’m not ready to let Carina and Mateo! I’m definitely reading all the books in order when I get the last one for maximum effect!! I can’t wait 😀


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Rose Harper thrives on bringing tantalizing, downright shiver inducing Dark Romance and Romantic Suspense novels for her readers to devour. She’s a lover of dark, sizzling passion, and mystery filled stories with twists and turns you never see coming, yet leave you wanting more.

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Have you read the book? Are you a fan of this series?

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