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#BookReview Midnight Soul: The God of Rock Duet by Eden Butler (@EdenButler_)



Title: Midnight Soul: The God of Rock Bundle

Series: God of Rock

Author: Eden Butler

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: 20 August 2018



For Iris Dane and Dash Justice, love was a battlefield that left them bloody. They learned the hard way that time heals no wounds – it only leaves them gapping wider.

Now Dash is Iris’s enemy, still doing battle with the one person who loved him most.

The God of Rock duet follows this couple from their first, innocent beginnings, to the fight they wage in front of the world.

This bundle includes:


Dash Justice wrote the songs everyone sings.
His face hangs on every girl’s wall. But Dash wasn’t always a rock God.
Once, he was just Jamie, the boy I loved.
But when my name, sung from his lips promised I was good for only one thing, all sweet thoughts of him die.
Now his excuses mean nothing. His apologies are weak and I’m about to show the world that even rock Gods can be brought to their knees.


I am a liar. My words were poison and everything I touched got filthy. Except Iris.
She was the best part of who I was. The only bright spark in my dull, gray world.
But denial made me stupid and a cruel insult destroyed everything I hoped to have with the girl of my dreams.
Now I will crawl on my knees and grovel because sometimes, even rock Gods have to beg.


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Overall Rating: 5 Stars

ARC Source: Author via Give Me Books Promotions



I struggled a little at the first chapters of the book. The timeline was confusing me, but after I took a break and resumed the book with a clear mind, I got sucked into the story!

Jamie aka Dash Justice and Iri’s story starts many years back and there are so many memories between them. Even though they’ve been friends and lovers before, now they are enemies. Jamie does whatever he can to badmouth her and hurt her. A disrespectful song and some blackmail later, they find themselves in a tour bus for Dash’s tour.

Every moment they are together is full of tension, bitterness and passion. However the “hatred” between them, their sexual attraction is palpable and undeniable!

Moving through the book we get flashbacks from their pasts, before everything went downright. It was really sad to see how heartbreak and bitterness can change a person. What happen in the end of the book, made me really mad. What Dash did is seriously messed up and cruel. When I finished the book, I was so disappointed with him, that I was adamant about him not being forgiven.


Author’s note: The note between the two books was perfect. I always like to see the author’s thoughts about the characters and the story. She made me want to go easy on Jamie and maybe give him a chance to redeem himself.



Thank God for this being a bundle; I don’t think that I’d have the patience to wait for the next book!

It was good to see how the whole Dash Justice persona was born; I felt a little bad for Jamie because of it (I’m still mad about what he did). Iris has gone off the grid, so we don’t get to see much of her in the first chapters.

This book is all about redemption, forgiveness, family and making amends. We get to see Jamie’s journey to redeem himself and make the one woman he truly loves forgive him. Let me tell you, it’s not an easy task and the book’s title it’s pretty accurate about what he has to do in order to succeed!

With his actions he slowly made me want to give him a chance. It’s rarely when I feel that a character doesn’t deserve the redemption. I believe that whoever read the first book can relate.

The book was amazing and highlighted the meaning of family, forgiveness and second chances.


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Favorite quotes

“The things come apart so easily when they have been held together with lies”

“Everyone has a Know. It’s a fingerprint of the heart, something made for you alone. Something you search for without ever knowing why. But like most good things we want for ourselves, the Know is elusive.”





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