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Title: Their Boss’s Daughter

Series: Auction Nights #1, Standalone

Author: Chloe Kent

Genre: Contemporary Menage

Release Date: 14 August 2018





Her deepest desire might be too much for her to handle…

When twenty-one-year-old Saylor Fielding spends a tiny fortune from her new trust fund on something she’s always wanted, she’s not prepared for the consequences that follow.

Her father goes ballistic about her reckless spending and when she refuses to tell him – because she really, really can’t tell him – how she spent the money, he sends her away for two weeks to live with his three favorite engineers, Finn, Reid and Jax in the middle of the desert. She is to clean their house, do their laundry and cook for them.

That something Saylor has always wanted… just happens to be Finn, Reid and Jax. And they have no idea the highest bidder at the Troika charity auction competing to spend a night with them is their strictly hands-off boss’s daughter in disguise.

All Saylor wants to do is finish her two-week sentence and escape unscathed with her secret intact, but they take one look at her and now she has to face their kind of consequences…

Publisher’s Note: This is a steamy, reverse harem love story.


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The boys were close enough that Finn knew the others were thinking the same thing he was: The stunning beauty swathed in purple, there for them to fuck her, was not in any class they anticipated.
She was younger, much younger than expected. She had a type of innocence about her and the way she trembled before their eyes, as if she were doing some internal battle with herself, defied the fact that she had just purchased three men to fuck her. All in the name of charity.
But now, her hot angelic mouth moved urgently against his. Her softness melted into him and her scent, sweet hell, poured into his skin and created a sudden dire thirst to lick every part of her body. Who was she?
But then the tiny point of her little tongue swept over his lower lip. His already hot blood scorched his veins. He didn’t expect his cock to flare so quickly that it hurt. He threaded his fingers into her luscious hair, pulling at the roots as he pulled her closer, forcing her to part her lips for him, before he penetrated her with his tongue. She gasped, lost her breath, whimpered as he took possession of her and deepened the kiss into a hard, wet demanding one.
She squirmed in his lap but her sweetness, her taste, corrupted him and he wanted more. He delved inside her, licking her, nipping at her lip until she opened wider for him. Her essence was like nothing he had ever had before. And only one thing consumed his mind. He had to share her with his brothers.
He lifted her off his lap and stood with her in his arms. As if she knew innately what he wanted, she broke the kiss and turned immediately to Reid, swaying against him until he brought her against himself, and took over where Finn had left off.
Reid’s hands traveled down her back to her delectable ass. He leaned into the table and pulled her onto his cock. The moan she let out meant Reid had done his signature move, he’d bitten her lip, and her cry had erupted their beasts collectively.
She staggered when Reid released her, at once falling into Jax, her mouth empty for mere seconds before Jax engulfed her. Reid scraped his thumb across his lip and took a glance at Finn. Yeah, he knew.





3.5 Stars

This was my first book from the author.

Saylor has been smitten by Finn, Reid and Jax since she was 8 years old. Now in her 21 years she still feels the same about them. However, neither of them ever treated her more than a little sister because they are her father’s employees. Finn, Reid and Jax are foster brothers. They’ve gone through life having each others backs and sharing the same woman in their bed. After Saylor asked them for a night together and they refuse her, she finds another way. She wins an auction where she will spend a night with them for exchange of 5 millions for charity. The thing is that the auction is held by a sex club and the three of them are masters looking for a submissive. Their night together ends with Saylor’s virginity still intact. However, after her father finds out about the money, he sends her to live with them and do their house chores as punishment. How is everything going to work out? Will Finn, Reid and Jax find out that Saylor was the woman at the club?

This book was really good! What kept me for giving it 4 stars was the fact that the sex scenes where too many and didn’t give the story the chance to develop fully. I would love more interactions between Saylor and her men that weren’t in the bedroom. However, I really enjoyed the dynamic between Saylor, Finn, Reid and Jax. Their relationship is one of loyalty, protectiveness and true love!


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Chloe Kent has been hooked on romance since her teens and couldn’t wait to grow up and write her own romance novels. Her books usually feature a spirited heroine, and at least two… sometimes more incredibly hot heroes.

Her favorites pastimes include her husband, her dog, and books. Her biggest fear is running out of coffee or her imagination.

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