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#ReleaseBlitz #BookReview Possess Me (The Intensity Series #1) by T. N. King



Title: Possess Me

Series: The Intensity Series #1

Author: T. N. King

Genres: New Adult, Romance

Release Date: 5 July 2018



Morgan Hunt was never meant to be my savior.

Actually, he was never supposed to see me at all.
In my world, Cinderella doesn’t get her Prince Charming.
I’m nothing, and people like Morgan? They’re everything.
Wealthy. Powerful. Untouchable.

Until he pulled me from that burning building, my clothes still singed from the flickering flames.

But Morgan destroyed my life at the same he saved it.

He took my hand, and everything changed.
I don’t recognize myself anymore…
…and he’s no fairy tale.

Ellie White is a poisoned apple.

Sweet. Kind. Innocent.
I’m not the kind of man who runs into burning buildings.
I’m the kind of man who sets them ablaze.
Success at any cost.

Then I hear her scream, and my world shatters.

I’m hers from the moment we touch.
But if I want to stay the king of my family business…
…she can never be mine



4 Stars

My first book from the author was a pleasant surprise. It’s always good to discover new authors!

Ellie risked herself at a fire in order to save the last photo she has from her father. Morgan, CEO of the Hunt Group, saves her from the burning building. There’s an instant attraction between them and Morgan is eager to find out more about her. They meet again when Ellie finds his phone and returns it to him. She’s hesitant to get near him because of their differences; Ellie is a poor waitress struggling to pay the bills and Morgan is a billionaire with everything he wants.

It was good to see Ellie blossom from the shy girl she was at the start of the book to the sexy and confident woman she is now! The book is equally sexy and sweet. The erotic and romantic scenes blend beautifully to create a real page-turner!



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T.N King grew up in the heart of Texas, and now resides in the sunny beach of San Diego, California. He’s a football fan, a Netflix binge-watcher, and loves barbecue. A writer of romance, he’s the author of the Catching Fire Series, Chasing Dr.Bedell, The Seduction of Amy, and many more. T.N King plans to write many more sexy, suspenseful stories for his raving fans.

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Have you read the book? Let me know your thoughts at the comments below!


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