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#BookReview Ballbuster (Playing Dirty #1) by Lane Hart (@WritingfromHart)



Title: Ballbuster

Series: Playing Dirty #1, Standalone

Author: Lane Hart

Genres: Sports Romance (Football), Romance

Release Date: 19 November 2016


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Taken from Goodreads

~ Kohen Hendricks ~

Out of all the football stadiums in the world, why did Roxanne “The Ballbuster” Benson have to plow through mine?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for women playing professional football. But what I’m not for is The Ballbuster waltzing onto my field, trying to take over my position as the Wildcats’ starting kicker. The woman dislocated my knee with her freaking Jeep, for chrissake, and yet all of my teammates love her!

So what if Roxy’s…gorgeous and sweet and loves football more than anyone in the world? This is my team; and once I recover, she’s gonna have to get used to sitting her fine ass on the bench. It’s nothing personal. Football is a dirty sport where only the best survive.

Now I just have to figure out how to survive a season without ending up with a busted heart; because despite how hard I try to avoid falling for Roxy, she keeps pulling me back into her bed.

Forget her Jeep. With one look, the woman can bring me to my knees. And the worst part is, I keep going back for more.



4,5 Stars

Kohen Hendricks is the star football kicker. Roxanne Benson is his backup. However, after an accident involving these two, Roxanne becomes the start kicker and Kohen finds himself at physical therapy! Roxanne is the first woman in professional football and the pressure she’s in is very much.

Their first encounter is hilarious; I was laughing through it all 😛 The physical attraction between them is instant and their relationship is one of love and hate! I laughed so hard at the car scene when they were driving to training camp. Roxanne is feisty and gives as good as she gets! Kohen was really unfair to her at times and judged her without knowing all the facts.

The epilogue was perfect and wrapped up the story beautifully! I’m definitely going to read the next books as well!!



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Lane Hart is a New York Times bestselling author of paranormal and erotic romances.

She lives in the south with her husband, two children and pets named after Star Wars characters. She loves all things beach related, especially sea turtles, and is a huge football fan.


Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Goodreads



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