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#BookReview Relentless (Skulls Renegade #4) by Elizabeth Knox (@eknoxbooks)



Title: Relentless

Series: Skulls Renegade #4

Author: Elizabeth Knox

Genres: Romance, Contemporary, MC Romance

Release Date: 15 April 2018


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Taken from Goodreads

My life was supposed to be so simple; getting the rest of my inheritance at 25. I would invest it in my music career and become history, literally.
What I didn’t expect was to find out that everything I believed to be true about my family was a complete lie. I didn’t expect to find out that I had a half-sister by my real father; a man that was the devil reincarnate. I didn’t expect to find that I had family who had run a criminal MC club in Texas. And I sure as heck didn’t expect to be thrown full force into the MC life from the time I walked into Bubba’s and revealed who I was.
I was no longer a daughter, friend, and singer. I was Bellamy Mason, sister-in-law of the Skulls Renegade MC Prez, and I had a target on my back.
But there was something else that hit me like a ton of bricks too, and his name was Abe “Butch” Warren.
And let me tell you, he was a pleasant surprise.

She walked through that fuckin’ bar just like her sister did. Her red hair flowing down her back, that ass that I wanna take a bite out of. Those were the thoughts I had about her before I got to know Bellamy.
I don’t know what it was, but the fuckin’ second my eyes locked on hers she was mine. She was pure, she was innocent – she wasn’t cut for this lifestyle, and I knew that.
Here’s the thing, I’m not cut out for relationships and Bellamy Mason is not a girl you just fuck. She’s the real deal, the girl you take home to your momma, the one you lock down as soon as you can.
I was bringing danger to her doorstep, and she had no idea. I knew the risks, and I ignored them. Selfishly, I wanted her.
What will destroy us first; my enemies, or my need to not define us?


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5 Stars

What a book!

I just can’t express all the feelings I have. Through the book I found myself laughing, being pissed, feeling the love again and again. Bellamy and Butch’s story kept me at the edge of my seat and wanting more. The chemistry between them is off the charts.

What really spoke to me was the pain every character experienced throughout their lives and how they chose to become stronger! What happened to Slash at the end was heartbreaking and I really want to see how he copes.

After this book I’m surely going to read the rest of the series as well. You should probably do too 😛


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author bio


Elizabeth Knox is an avid romance writer. In her books she reflects what she likes to read herself. She lives for challenging her characters and showing the rough side of love, while still giving them the happily ever after they deserve.


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