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#BookReview Stiff Discipline (Carnal Mischief #1) by Ember Cole (@authorembercole)



Title: Stiff Discipline

Series: Carnal Mischief #1, Standalone

Author: Ember Cole

Genres: Romance, Short stories, BDSM

Publication Date: 25 June 2018

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Taken from Goodreads

I’ll ruin her if she doesn’t ruin me first…

When a gorgeous new tenant slips into my office the night of her twenty-first birthday with only one thing on her mind, I know I should send her on her way. Even if the thought of her tied up and at my mercy makes me ache.
I’m a harsh, demanding man, and Kymber’s too young, too innocent. A goddamn virgin. I hate myself for even thinking about stealing what should belong to another.
So I do the honorable thing. I walk away.
My babygirl is just as stubborn as me, though. Twenty-two years in the military, my discipline never faltered. Not once. And yet the feel of her trembling against me, begging for my permission, makes me lose all control.
Her innocent touch kick starts my battered heart. But my past left me with an emptiness I can’t fill, and I’ll be damned if I let my darkness destroy her light…



5 Stars

I was granted a copy of the book via NetGalley. This is my second book from the author and I really like what I’ve read so far!

Kymber and Daniel’s story is hot hot hot!! Kymber is turning 21 and she’s still a virgin. Her goal for the night: to lose her virginity. Bekka, her best friend, suggests their landlord’s son, Adam. Her plan goes sideways when instead of Adam, she meets Daniel, their landlord. Daniel is almost twice her years, an ex-military man with a commanding presence. The attraction between them is instant but Daniel tries hard to stop Kymber’s advances. Who doesn’t like a dirty talking alpha male, right?? Daniel is exactly that!!

I laughed so much with Bekka’s antics. She’s seriously the best and craziest best friend a girl can ask for! Daniel confused me. He gave so many mixed signals. He tries so hard to not let his demons get the better of him. However, does he have the strength to succeed?

Ember Cole really knows how to write hot and steamy reads, that leave you wanting more! I can’t wait for Bekka’s story next. I really want to see who will bring this sassy woman to her knees 😛 .


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