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#BookReview Kings of Rittenhouse (Kings of Rittenhouse #0,5) by Maya Hughes (@mhugheswrites)

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Title: Kings of Rittenhouse

Series: Shameless King Prequel, Kings of Rittenhouse #0,5

Author: Maya Hughes

Genres: Sports (Hockey), Romance, College

Publication Date: 11 June 2018



Taken from Goodreads

Declan and Mak have been at each other’s throats since sophomore year and now it’s time for the party to end all parties for the seniors of Rittenhouse Prep.
What’s the worst that could happen?

Long live the Kings..



4 Stars

I’ve been given a copy of the book from the author. I like college romances mainly because the characters’ age is near my own, so in some ways I can relate more to them.

This prequel story is the perfect way to introduce us to the characters and their background stories. We meet all the hockey players and find out a little for their lives and the connection they have with the main characters. The book is referring to their last days as seniors in high school, unlike the next book that is mainly focused in their college years.

Declan is the leading scorer of the school’s hockey team, a real King in the ice. Makenna is the first of the class and a little uptight. They refer to her as the “Ice Queen” and most people don’t dare to challenge her. She hates Declan because of a failed project they had together. Declan loves to press all her buttons and make her angry. Although Makenna’s life in not as perfect as everyone thinks, she manages to be the first in everything she does.

What I kept from this book is that not everything is as it seems. We never know what happens behind closed doors and what someone is going through.

This novella ends with a bang and leave you wanting to find out more!


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