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#BookReview It Was Always You by Scarlet Rose

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Title: It Was Always You

Series: Standalone, Novella

Author: Scarlet Rose

Genres: Romance, Contemporary

Publication Date: 9 June 2018



Taken from Goodreads

How far would you go to help your hunky best friend?

Gorgeous and wealthy playboy Leo Cormack has worked hard his whole life for his birthright – control of the family business. But just as the company is about to be handed to him, there is one little problem, and her name is Kylie Musgrave. America’s sweetheart supermodel and Leo’s bitter ex-lover is out to ruin Leo’s reputation by telling the world scandalous lies. Lies that could destroy his chances of inheriting the company.
The decision to give Leo the company is put on hold until the mess can be dealt with, and so Leo needs a plan, and he needs it quick!
Enter Jessica, his beautiful and sexy best friend since college and the perfect decoy. It would be simple, they would fake a marriage to take the heat off of Leo and the family business, and once the plan had worked, everything would go back to normal.
But it soon becomes clear that things will never be normal again. The lines between real and fake start to blur, and Jessica and Leo are forced to confront their real feelings for each other.



4 Stars

I’ve been given a copy of the book from the author. This was my first book from the author and I really enjoyed it.

The story of Leo and Jessie is very good! Leo may be a playboy but his one true love is Jessie. They met at college and he’s been secretly in love with her all these years. It’s been the same for Jessie as well.

When Leo finds himself in need of a fake wife, Jessie is his one and only choice. Even though their arrangement is fake, how much is acting and how much is real?

A fast-paced short story that is perfect for an afternoon light read, featuring a guaranteed HEA!!


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