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#BookReview Best Jerk by Lulu Pratt (@AuthorLuluPratt)

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Title: Best Jerk

Series: Standalone

Author:Lulu Pratt

Genres: Romance, Contemporary

Publication Date: 2 April 2018


Taken from Goodreads

She can hate me all she wants, she’s still mine

Me a best man? No f*cking thanks but I’ll keep it up until I can stop the wedding.
Then Callie the wedding planner turns up, all smiles and enthusiasm.
Who does she think she is, trying to make people’s dreams come true?
Happy ever after isn’t going to happen.
I don’t care how hard she makes me, I’m going to make this wedding job hard for her.
But I can’t stop looking at her big eyes and her even bigger @ss.
She says she hates me but that won’t stop me from getting her naked.
And when I have her under me, quivering as she yells my name?
Maybe I’ll start believing in love.
At least until our secrets come out.


5 Stars

I’ve been given a copy of the book from the author. This was the book that introduced me to Pratt’s awesome writing!

Grayson is the best man at the wedding Callie is organising for her best friend. He’s not very agreeable with the wedding, so he decides to make everyone’s plans difficult. What he doesn’t calculate is Callie’s determination to make this wedding happen.

Callie and Grayson have a love-to-hate relationship. They may be attracted to each other, but Callie can’t stand Grayson’s attitude towards the wedding.

To be honest, at first it was kind of irritating that he’s trying so hard to ruin his best friend’s wedding. However, moving forward in the book, his actions are explained and that made it easier to understand him.

Grayson is indeed a best jerk! I loved the book from the first page until the last. I loved Grayson and Callie and really enjoyed their story. The ending was amazing and wrapped up the book beautifully!!


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4 thoughts on “#BookReview Best Jerk by Lulu Pratt (@AuthorLuluPratt)”

    1. I’m happy that you like it!! Thank you for your kind words ☺️ It’s one of my favorites; it made me even laugh at times!!


  1. Hi Demi,
    So, I don’t read adult novels because of triggers and stuff. But, I like how you were talking about Callie’s personality as a best friend and how it clashed with Greyson. Would you have liked the story to be from a different perspective? Sometimes reading from a jerk’s point of view can make things frustrating. Do you like dual perspective stories? Or, just like omniscient point of view?
    Again: super nice to meet you!


    1. Yeah well I could relate with Callie because I would do the same things and more for my best friend! I don’t think that I would like the book written differently. The dual POVs gave me a way to fully understand the characters. I sometimes find it harder to really relate with the characters in omniscient POV.
      Happy to meet you ☺️


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