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#BookReview Breaking Meredith by Izzy Sweet and Sean Moriarty

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Title: Breaking Meredith

Series: Disciples #4, Standalone

Authors: Izzy Sweet and Sean Moriarty

Genres: Dark Romance, Romantic Suspense

Publication Date: 17 June 2018


Taken from Goodreads

For five years – one thousand, nine hundred and twenty-two nights to be exact – I’ve watched her from afar…
Protecting her. Keeping her safe from the world.
And stalking her every move.
What started as a favor for her brother has grown into something so much more.
A full-blown obsession.
I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, unless I get my Meredith fix.
Claiming her could start a war, and might very well result in my death.
But she’s mine, she’s always been mine.
She just doesn’t know it yet.


5 Stars

I was granted a copy of the book from the authors. This was my first book from the Disciples and my first from either author. Let me tell you that it was a pleasant surprise! I like myself a dark romance. Call me a pessimist but I don’t believe that love is always just sweet and cute; sometimes it can be dark and twisted.

This book was seriously something else. At first I was a little confused with the whole plot but I’m glad that I moved forward; the story gets more clear and very interesting!

Meredith is the stepsister of the city’s crime syndicate boss. She loathes her stepbrother and believes him cruel. She chooses to stay clean from the syndicate and find her “calling” in attracting bad men and breaking them. Enter Simon; he works for her stepbrother Matthew aka “Lucifer” (how fitting!) and he’s been tasked to protect her from afar the last 5 years. In all those years, he develops a deep desire and obsession for her. After Meredith finds herself in trouble, when her last job goes wrong, she seeks help from Lucifer and finds herself under Simon’s protection. Simon finally has her near and his obsession is just getting stronger.

Simon is that complex character that made figuring him out difficult. When I thought that I had finally understood him, he acts different. His feelings towards Meredith are as complicate as his personality. This twisted obsession he has for her, makes him loathe and crave her equally. The characters in this book are extremely complex!

What made this book even better is the plot that puts the main characters in constant danger. It wasn’t just about Simon’s obsession for Meredith. They both have two many enemies that want them dead. However the danger they are both into, Simon still wants to possess her entirely and he’ ll do anything to succeed; he just forgets that two can play this game!

There are so many twists in the story that I was constantly at the edge of my seat waiting for the next thing to happen! The book is action-filled and so dark. It’s not meant for everyone, so keep that it mind.

After this book I’m definitely going to look out for the authors’ work!!


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