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#BookReview Fake It For Me by Kira Blakely (@kira_blakely)

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Title: Fake it for me

Series: Standalone

Author: Kira Blakely

Genres: Romance

Publication Date: 17 June 2018


Taken from Goodreads

Did he really just ask me to marry him?
The “King” from our high school days?
He’s got balls of steel, I’ll give him that.
Cocky bastard took my virginity when we were young.
Not that I minded. That chiseled jaw and those rock-hard abs could make me do just about anything.
And the whole single dad thing makes me want to lap him up like banana split.
So, I’ll play the fiancée.
But his kisses don’t feel fake. And my heart is pounding way too hard.
I’m trying to keep it superficial, but Conner Rex is stretching me beyond my comfort zone.
New York’s most eligible surgeon isn’t just breaking down my walls.
He’s kicking them in, pushing his way through, and taking what’s his.
One month to fake it. One month to convince myself he doesn’t love me. One month before he asks me…



4 Stars

I was granted a copy of the book from the author. I have read multiple books from the author and I like her writing style. Her characters are real in a way you can relate to them.

This book features Connor Rex, a single father cardiac surgeon, and Alice Holiday, a freelance journalist. Because I want to become a surgeon, this book has a special place in my heart; after all who doesn’t love a sexy-as-shit doctor? I for one could use one of those :-p.

Connor is the top in his field, with a reputation for his work as well as his personal life. He’s kind of a legend to be exact. Alice and Connor used to be high school classmates. They dated for a while, but that didn’t end very well. Alice still remembers how things went down, after all he was her first. However it wasn’t all roses. Connor wasn’t the best man back then. He treated women like clothes, changed them after a week or two. The same happen between them, with the exception that Connor ended it because he started to have feelings for Alice.

After all these years the chemistry between them is still present and when Connor is backed in the corner and in need of a fake fiance, Alice is his first choice. Through the book I really felt the attraction and the chemistry.

Hunter, Connor’s son, is such a cutie; a little ladies man like his father. I wanted to see more interactions between him and Alice.

At times I was really frustrated with both Alice and Connor for not telling each other how they feel. I mean come on they are both grown adults. However, if they did we would be missing the drama that occur at the end!

This is an enjoyable read that I could envision reading at the beach this summer! You should probably give it a try!!


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