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#BookReview Leaving To Stay by Nicole Casey

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Title: Leaving to Stay

Series: Baby Fever #1, Standalone

Author: Nicole Casey

Genres: Romance

Publication Date: 15 June 2018


Taken from Goodreads

I have everything: women, fame, money.
But the only thing I need now…is Geneva.

Several years ago…
I gave up everything else to pursue my rock star dream.
Including her.
I left that f*cking little town.
I became a world-known rock star.

And now…
I’ve tried so many times to move on. To forget.
Something is missing in my life, but I don’t know what.
I don’t expect to see her again…
Yet fate brings us back together.
And when she comes back into my life,
It’s like no years have passed.

I’m addicted again, but this time I’m hooked on her.
And then she whispers something that turns my world upside down
…She has two twin babies, and I’m their Daddy.

Leaving to Stay is a bad boy secret baby standalone romance with an HEA and no cliffhanger!


5 Stars

I was granted a copy of the book via Booksprout. I have read previous books from the author and I loved them, especially the “Beauty and the Captor” trilogy!

This is the story of Jude and Geneva and their second chance in love! Jude is the town’s bad boy, sleeps around and never commits, only interested in his music. Geneva is running from the music industry, because they wanted to change everything she represents for sales.

She moves to the town that her best friend lives, which is the same town that Jude lives. When they meet by luck, the chemistry between them is instant. Against her best friend’s advice, Gen starts a relationship with Jude. When he finds out that Gen is also a musician, they start to write songs and perform together at a bar in town. The attraction between them grows, but problems start to arise. Jude wants fame and money and to get involve in the industry that Gen ran from. This fact comes between them when one day Jude takes an offer from a music company and leaves town and Gen behind. Gen is devastated and after weeks finds out that she’s pregnant.

After a couple of years they meet again. Jude is now a famous musician and Gen tries to enter the industry again, to be able to raise her twins. The chemistry is still there and they can’t denied it. Are they going to make it work? Is Jude going to stand forward and be a father to his children? Grab the book today and find out!!

This book kept my interest from the first page till the last. Nicole Casey never disappoints and she’s truly become one of my go-to romance authors! The book was a little short for my liking, I really wanted to see more from Jude and Geneva. With all these said, I really liked the book and I can’t wait to see what comes next!!

Oh and a little fact about the cover model: He really looks like Jude is portrait 😛


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Have you read the book? Let me now at the comments your thoughts!

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