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#BookReview Even Money by Alessandra Torre

evenmoney 1

Title: Even Money

Series: All In Duet #1

Author:Alessandra Torre

Genres: Romance, Suspense

Publication Date: 4 June 2018


Bell Hartley is a waitress working at an underground casino in Las Vegas. Dario Capece owns Vegas. When he visits the casino, where Bell works, in order to buy it, he meets her. Their attraction is unmistakable. The situation between them is not that easy. Lies, rumours, stalking and death tries to break them. However, the attraction and love between them just keeps growing.


5 Stars

I was granted a copy of the book via NetGalley. I have read books from Alessandra Torre before, so I was delighted to get the opportunity to read this one as well!

Now about the book. Bell is a pretty strong character. She’s gone through a lot, raped when she was a teenager and with a drunk for father. She closes her heart to any and every emotion and has meaningless sex. That way she feels in control of her body and leaves behind what had happened.

Dario Capece is the King of Las Vegas. He’s married to the heiress of the most famous casinos in Vegas, Gwen Hawk. Their relationship is not sexual at all. He married her 10 years ago to save her from her father. They are just friends that live together and have other sexual partners. When he goes to The House and sees Bell is instantly attracted to her. In order to find more about her, he kind of become a stalker!

Dario is determined to make her his. Bell’s walls are starting to crumble down and she’s scared because he makes her feel things she though that she wasn’t cable of feeling. The relationship between them starts but other people are not very happy about it. Robert Hawk, Dario’s father-in-law, finds out and puts one of his women to stalk Bell. Robert Hawk, is a dangerous player in the book, a psychopath in the lose. He’s determined to kill Bell and rescue his daughter wedding, ignorant to the arrangement between Gwen and Dario.

To find out how everything goes down you need to read the book! I really enjoyed the story. The suspense kept me at the edge of my seat. The scenes between Dario and Bell are steamy and hot! An amazing book, with equally sexy and suspenseful scenes!!

An absolute must-read!!!


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Have you read the book? Let me now at the comments your thoughts!

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