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#BookReview The Savage Trilogy by Meghan March

I’m going to start my posts with what is possibly my favorite 2018 trilogy. First let me tell you that I loooove Meghan March!!! Her Anti-Heroes Collection is one of my favorites!


Savage Prince

I read the first book back in May. Savage Prince is an excellent start for the trilogy. The book introduces us to the characters slowly but leaving some things hidden for suspense, the main male character’s name for example!

The heroine, Temperance meets a stranger at a sex club and instantly feels drawn to him. Their first meet is kind of an accident, a sexy and hot one. While seeing their sexy encounters through the book, we also find out that Temperance’s brother -Rafe- got himself in a really bad situation. Temperance finds herself in a hard place because the people that is after her brother, are also after her. Mount, her boss’s husband (we met them in the previous trilogy), sends someone to protect her and that someone is the sexy stranger from the club!

At the end of the first book, I was left with many questions, especially about the sexy stranger. Who is he? What is his name? What part he has in all of this?

Iron Princess

I started the second book full of unanswered questions. Thankfully, I started getting some answers in the very first chapters. We finally find out the stranger’s name and some of his back story.

This book has more action that the first one and really kept me at the enge of my seat! I couldn’t wait to see what comes next. Kane and Temperance’s relationship involves and becomes even steamier than before. We find out more information about what happened with Rafe and how he found himself in such a situation.

The book ended in a cliffhanger and left me with so many feelings. I was so desperate for the next book!!

Rogue Royalty

Having finished Rogue Royalty today, I have the book in my mind still. I was a little late reading it but I didn’t really have time before.

The final book started out with Temperance trying to cope with everything that happened at the end of the previous book. She really struggles and surprisingly the person that make her want to “live” again is Mount. Many truths are being discovered and Temperance realize that not everything she knows is true.

In my opinion, this book is the best of the three. The plot twists especially at the end left me shocked. I seriously didn’t see them coming!! The end was perfect and wrapped up the trilogy beautifully!!

All in all, Meghan March again delivered an amazing trilogy. She never disappoints and really knows what to write to keep me wanting more! Three amazing books that I really loved and I would definetly recommend to all of you!!


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